Natural Wood Solutions, LLC (NWS) is a leading provider of superior quality treated wood railroad products, wood protection systems, and technical expertise to railroads, contractors, and industries throughout North America. Through a vast cooperative of independent producers, distributors and contractors we specialize in providing durable and sustainable treated wood railroad crossties, switchties, road crossing panels, and bridge ties and timbers for the construction of long-lasting rail lines. NWS also offers a line of products that enhance the performance of wood utilized for decks, docks, fences, posts, marine piling and utility poles.  

With over fifty years of combined experience, our management team has the knowledge, supply network, and know how to furnish our customers with the highest quality products and services in the industry. Our long-standing commitment to quality assures our customers receive products that will hold up to the ever-increasing train weights, speeds, and varying climatic conditions.  NWS is committed to providing our customers with the most innovative products and the highest level of customer service on the market.  


Treated with creosote, copper naphthenate, and/or borates, NWS specializes in providing durable pressure treated wood railroad track products: CROSSTIES • SWITCH TIES • ROAD CROSSING PANELS & TIMBERS • BRIDGE TIES & TIMBERS

The treatment processes we utilize preserve and lengthen the life of a sustainable resource that has been produced and perfected by nature since the beginning of time: WOOD. Our processes and products are industry approved, environmentally sound, and are built to last and withstand the punishing effects of heavy trains over many years of continual service. We offer class-one, regional, shortline, government, and transit-grade ties, as well as those built to the standards of the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association (AREMA) and the American Wood Protection Association (AWPA).

The NWS line of wood protection products range from our ONGUARD family of penetrating waterborne wood protection products designed to clean, restore, and protect fencing, decks, docks, log homes, wood siding, and other exposed wood products.  This advanced line of products is the most innovative wood protective coating that has been introduced to the market in over three decades.  NWS also offers the SnapJacket and Durosleeve PVC barrier systems for the protection and restoration of new  and existing marine piling, utility poles, and posts.  This barrier system is proven, easy to install and economically feasible.  

Natural Wood Solutions has strong ties to our industry and actively supports and participates in many industry associations including: Railway Tie Association (RTA) • American Wood Protection Association (AWPA) • American Railway Engineering & Maintenance-of-Way Association (AREMA) • American Shortline & Regional Railroad Association (ASLRRA) • National Railroad Construction & Maintenance Association (NRC) •  Western Wood Preservation Institute (WWPI) • Southern Pressure Treaters' Association (SPTA) • American Fence Association (AFA)

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  • The DUROSLEEVE™ and SnapJacket™ Wood Protection Systems have been developed to enhance the physical and durability qualities of treated wood utilized in industrial and residential applications. These products can be used on new or existing marine piling, utility poles, fence post and other products to help protect from physical and biological attacks against the wood substrate.  The DUROSLEEVE™ was developed as a shrinkable tube to be applied to new products and the SnapJacket™ is for the restoration of existing products.  Both the DUROSLEEVE™ and SnapJacket™ prevent direct water and/or soil contact with the treated wood substrate which prevents any wood preservative from moving into the water or soil.


  • ONGuard Family of Wood Protection Products

    The ONGUARD™ family of penetrating waterborne restoration and protection products has been developed to give manufacturers, contractors, distributors and homeowners the ability to utilize the most advanced waterborne all-in-one wood protection system to be introduced in over three decades.  The ultra low VOC product offers protection from water, UV and mold/mildew for up to 7 years with one simple application.