NWS Offers Treated Wood Railroad Products, Barrier & Restoration Products for Marine Piling & Utility Poles, & Waterborne restoration & protection products for fences, decks, docks, log homes, & wood siding

Railroad Materials - Dual Borate / Creosote, Creosote, or Copper Nap Treated: Crossties, Switchties, Crossings, Bridges, and more.

DUROSLEEVE and SnapJacket - Environmentally friendly barrier system for the protection of new and/or existing marine pilings, utility poles, fence posts and more.  

ONGUARD Ultimate Wood Protection System - Environmentally friendly waterborne wood restoration and protection products. Old wood can be cleaned and treated while new wood can be treated with an easy one step / one coat process to keep your fence, deck, dock, log home, wooden siding or other exposed wood looking and functioning at a superior level for up to 7 years.