onguard-pro Ultimate wood Protection

ONGUARD-PRO™  is the ultimate waterborne all-in-one wood protection system designed for the protection of wood fencing, decking, docks, log cabins, wood siding and other exposed wood applications.  This one coat process protects the wood from water, UV, and mold/mildew while providing the aesthetics of a semi-transparent stain.  ONGUARD-PRO™ can be packaged in either a concentrate or a ready-to-use formula.  

ONGUard-restore wood cleaner/conditioner

ONGUARD-RESTORE™ is an excellent choice for restoring old wood and conditioning the wood to receive the full benefit of ONGUARD-PRO™.  The cleaner/conditioner is safe, does not require the use of a pressure washer, and is very effective in removing dirt, mildew, mold, and UV damage from the surface of the wood.